Educational Resources

Below is a list of websites that may be of some use for students.These websites are not part of education4u and education4u is not responsible for their content. These are good reference sites:

Yes, I know, Wikipedia cops a lot of flack, but as I tell my students - use it as a starting point, not an end.
BBC Bitesize for Primary
A good basic English, Mathematics and Science site. Lots of interactive games.
BBC Bitesize for Junior Secondary
A good English, Mathematics and Science site for junior secondary students.
BBC Skillswise
A similar site to bitesize, but aimed at adults and catering for job seekers and employability.
The Sydney Morning Herald
The Herald has gone downhill lately with the quality of it's reporting, but it's website is still good, and very easy to navigate.
Maths Online
Fantastic Maths site - and completely free, thanks to McDonalds.
Kids Know It
Lots of information about all kinds of things - biology, chemistry, astronomy, maths...

Fun Educational Games

It is an oldy, but I still think it's one of the most devilishly addictive games ever made.
Made famous on PDAs and Pocket PCs - still good logical thinking fun.
Good fun - build your own skatepark.
Fantastic for maths skills
The Zebra Puzzle
Not a game - more of a brainteaser - try and work it out!
The Lemonade Game
Who can become a lemondae millionaire?
Who can build a robot?
Build the most evil looking robot you can!
3 foot ninja
Sure it's educational!
I got seriously addicted to this game, until I finished it!


The Frog Game
Good fun here - the aim is to get the Frogs to the other side of pond by leapfrogging them over each other.
Cannibals and Missionaries
Another really old game, but with quite an attractive interface in this version.
Rebus Puzzles
I've liked these since I was a kid - it's even more fun to have a go at making your own up.
A diabolically challenging word game - always worth a go, and it changes every day!
Set Game
Another challenge, but this one using shapes and colours, from the people who made quiddler! Changes every day, too.
I love this game - one for all the budding engineers and mechanics out there.
An absolutely fantastic site - design a phone, replace a knee, learn about levers...

More Coming Soon